We help companies and organizations design thoughtful and positive experiences for product users, based on our unique expertise in psychology, engineering, and design. 

We love digging in and collaborating on complex, innovative, and impactful products — digital or physical. Work with us.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Do you ever quit using an app because it's too hard to use? What about a confusing TV remote or a weird button in your car? Or have you ever pulled on a push door? Those are examples of what we'd call pretty bad UX design.

Good UX is science, art, and problem solving. We use highly-practiced research skills to understand what people want and need, and then help you strategize and design products to match that.

By approaching design strategically, you also reduce the risk involved in launching a product. Analysts estimate that every dollar invested in UX brings $100 in return.

Who Are We?

We co-founded Kennason in 2015 after we recognized a need for UX services in Albany, Schenectady, and Troy.

Becca Kennedy, PhD is a Human Factors Psychologist and UX Researcher. She is also a frequent speaker, writer, and contributor to the UserZoom blog.

Jacky Minkler is a Software Product Manager and UX Designer.

Adam Ryason is a  Mechanical Engineering PhD student at RPI.

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    Our Expertise:

    • Applying scientific principles from psychology and sociology to design
    • Conducting user research and usability testing
    • Conducting UX audits of existing products (also called a heuristic evaluation or expert evaluation)
    • Creating user flows, sketches, wireframes, prototypes, and more as part of a collaborative user-centered design process
    • Teaching, training, and giving workshops on UX principles and methods


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